Quality and Love in
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Let us give you a delightful experience in your activity.

Secret ingredients


Love is the main ingredient in every dish we prepare. We focus on cooking with passion and love to offer an unforgettable experience to our customers.


In our catering, every event is a unique and unforgettable experience for our clients. We strive to create cozy and pleasant environments that allow our customers to enjoy their meal in the company of their loved ones.


Quality is one of our top priorities in the catering industry. We make sure to use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients in every dish we serve.

Our recipe

Vision At Puerto Rico Catering, our vision is to create unique and unforgettable culinary experiences that celebrate the diversity of Puerto Rico’s cuisine and promote pride and passion for our unique culture and flavors. We strive to be the leading catering service in Puerto Rico, offering a high quality personalized service that delights palates and creates memorable moments for our clients.

Mission At Puerto Rico Catering, our mission is to inspire our customers with innovative and creative menus that highlight the authentic flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine and cuisine from around the world. With our passion for food and culture, we are committed to providing customized catering services that exceed our clients’ expectations and support our community. As young entrepreneurs, we are proud to represent Puerto Rico through our company and contribute to the growth and development of our island.

Happy Palates

Let us give you a delightful experience in your activity.

Personalized and high quality catering services to create memorable moments.

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